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We’ve come to realize that some people don’t really care what happens to their estate and their wisdom…which, ultimately, are their influence on future generations. We have also observed that even people who do care are often poorly served by professionals who aren’t thorough.

If you care about the impact of your wealth and wisdom on your loved ones, we’re here to help with our unique LifeSpan Planning Process™.

We call it LifeSpan™ because we counsel together with client families over the remaining time we are given to develop, maintain, enhance, and ultimately carry out their plans to convey a lifetime of earned and learned wisdom along with their material wealth to future generations.

Our clients do not all have large estates. But they all care deeply about passing what they have, to whom they want, when they want and the way they want, making the most positive impact possible on those who will receive it.

For some people, your only interest is in passing your material wealth; our LifeSpan Planning Process™ is designed to help you do so efficiently and effectively. We would be pleased to help you accomplish your objectives.

However, a great deal of research has been conducted over the past several years surrounding the topics of wealth, legacy, inheritance and family values. More than ever before, people are expressing that the intangible assets in their life such as character, faith, morals and life lessons are dramatically more important than their tangible or financial assets. Yet they also admit that they haven't done a satisfactory job of integrating these intangible assets into their planning efforts … and they want to.

If you would like to integrate the intangible assets of character, faith, morals and life lessons into your planning efforts, our LifeSpan Planning Process™ provides the perfect platform. Then our Wealth Reception Planning™ programs, Bridge Builder Program™ and Family Education Program™ provide you essential assistance in these critically important efforts.

We encourage our clients to participate actively in their planning and commit to the lifelong process of carrying out their goals and objectives. Like the old adage “a stitch in time saves nine” LifeSpan™ planning generally costs less overall than traditional, reactive methods of will or living trust planning, but at the same time delivers significantly better results for you and your family.

If you reside in Illinois or Missouri, we invite you to become a client of our firm. Check us out with no obligation by attending one of our client orientation Truth About Estate Planning™ events.

We offer no insurance or investments. We like to cooperate with your existing, trusted financial professionals to ensure that your financial tools and strategies will support your real-life estate planning goals and objectives.

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People Who Care

Your estate planning professionals are going to serve a special role in your life.  Estate planning is an incredibly personal matter.  Your planning team will learn about your hopes, concerns, goals and dreams.  There may be tears and laughter, grins and groans as you open up about your future, your family, your fears, your faith and your finances.  Choose carefully. Our Team would like the opportunity to earn your trust.
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Success Stories

“Curt, Sam and All members of the team at The Estate Planning Center are very compassionate, patient, caring, understanding, courteous, knowledgeable and always willing to answer any/all questions presented to them.”

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