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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Estate Planning is a very personal matter, but some clients have provided public reviews of our attorneys.  See what they say about Curt on Avvo.com or on Martindale, and read Sam's Avvo.com reviews.
In addition, we occasionally get a letter from a client who gives us permission to share their comments on our website. Here’s what some of those clients say about our unique LifeSpan™ Planning Process:

A Collection of Client Comments

Approach is personable and professional!  Great attention to details that matter without losing sight of the respective objectives and all encompassing goals. 
LifeSpan™ Client since 2004
Vigo County, Indiana

If you want peace of mind that all of your plans will be carried out just as you want, get the LifeSpan™ program!  It is a program that continues for your life-making needed changes as you age.
LifeSpan™ Client since 2017
Cook County, Illinois

The process is like so many others as you go through life.  You put in all the time and effort working towards a goal, in this case estate planning and settlement and in the end you look back and see that it was worth every bit of the effort.   I am so thankful for all Sam, Gayla, and all the others have done for my parents as well as my spouse and me over the years. God Bless! 
Child of LifeSpan™ Client and also 
LifeSpan™ Client since 2006
St Clair County, Illinois

We had our trusts set up by lawyers who know the best way to accomplish our wishes.  All that had to be done after my spouse died was done for us.  We would never have been able to do it on our own. Thank you.
Widow of deceased client, LifeSpan™ Client since 2005
Peoria County, Illinois

I would highly recommend The Estate Planning Center.  They provided ease of mind concerning complicated matters, such as taxes, insurance, life insurance, and assets after the death of my husband.  I don’t know what I would have done without Sam, Curt, and the whole team.! 
Widow of deceased client, LifeSpan™ Client since 2004
Clark County, Illinois

Lifespan is a well thought out plan to assure families can have such a peace of mind to making sure all is taken care of.  Mom definitely showed her love for us by handling what she wanted her way.  We didn’t have to wonder what her wishes were. 
Daughter of deceased client, who was a LifeSpan™ Client since 2012
Peoria County, Illinois
The attorneys at Estate Planning are exceptionally knowledgeable on current tax laws.  The entire process was thoroughly explained – We have peace of mind, giving confidence going forward.  And we appreciate the review process allowing necessary amendments if & when laws change.   
LifeSpan™ Client since 2020
Ogle County, Illinois
I tell family and friends that if they don’t stay on top of planning for when the time comes, their loved ones may have a real mess.  When my husband chose hospice over more surgeries, I called The Estate Planning Center to see if anything needed to be signed. It was comforting to know I did not have to worry and could focus on him.  I am and I know my late husband would be happy with the help I have received after his passing.
Widow of deceased client, LifeSpan™ Client since 2011
Clinton County, Illinois
They help you organize and make decisions about your estate plan and the values that you want to pass on to your heirs.  They keep you up-ot-date on any legal changes that may affect your estate plan.
LifeSpan(tm) client since 2004
Franklin County, Illinois

[What conveys the essence of the LifeSpan idea?] “Peace of mind. If you didn’t have meetings for me to attend, I’m sure I’d put plans in a safe and forget them till I needed them. But by attending meetings, I read and think and stay up on it.  Thank you.”  
LifeSpan™ client since 2007
Clinton County, Illinois

More than fifteen years ago, my father and mother contacted The Estate Planning Center.  At that time, they were led through the process of planning for their own futures, including contingencies for illness and disability.  With constant updates and education, everything worked out as they wished. 
Daughter of recently deceased client, November 2019
Jefferson County, Illinois

"Curt, Sam and All members of the team at The Estate Planning Center are very compassionate, patient, caring, understanding, courteous, knowledgeable and always willing to answer any/all questions presented to them.  If a team member does not have an answer, they will always get with Curt or Sam.  The response is always very timely-no exceptions.
Sam and ALL team members always attempted to keep me at ease and lead me through the most difficult time of my life, to date.  This was the death of my husband and the estate settlement.
My greatest appreciation for ALL-Curt, Sam and ALL team members was the ease of the settlement.  So much easier than I thought was possible.
It is most evident to me that the entire team, without exception, takes great pride in a job “well done”.  This is obvious with each and every phone call, Lifespan Educational Plan Meeting, a visit to the office or chance meeting.
Lifespan is professional and user friendly, and I believe even more so with expertise at The Estate Planning Center, led by Curt and Sam.
I feel blessed to be a client, to consider the entire team as friends, and take comfort in knowing MY estate settlement will be taken care of in the same manner as the estate of my husband."
LifeSpan Client since 2016
Marion County, Illinois

"My youngest daughter had referred us to The Estate Planning Center. My husband and I knew we needed to do planning but like all things in life had put it off.  Curt did a great job planning our estate and now Sam has also done a great job in settling it.  The staff of The Estate Planning Center has been so helpful and quick to respond to questions along the way.  I am thankful we chose to work with The Estate Planning Center"
LifeSpan Client since 2003
Massac County, Illinois

"After my husband observed what his dad was preparing for his mother when he died, he decided to do the same thing. Being sure that he had a Family Trust took away worries about who would get what and when.  Using the same Estate Planning Center, my husband did the same for us.  What a blessing this has been for me. It has taken almost 100% of the stress dealing with finances, insurances, stocks, etc. away from me.  The guidance given to me after my husband’s death has been remarkable.  A real God send to us! Thank you!"
LifeSpan Client since 2003
Macon County, Illinois

"Very involved and thorough process that gives you peace of mind that your estate is protected for your heirs."
LifeSpan Client since 2016
Madison County, Illinois

"1. The thing I like best is every other year review. 2.  I feel free to write or call knowing my request will be answered quickly and there is no added fee. 3.  Being up to date on new laws and changes to trust when necessary."  
LifeSpan Client since 2007
Grundy County, Illinois

"We really like that you keep us up to date with all new legislation.  Also you keep us current on all funding."
LifeSpan Client since 2006
DuPage County, Illinois

“LifeSpan:  I didn’t know Sam before we started the settlement of my husband’s estate, but knew who he was. After our first meeting, I was confident that everything was going to be handled well. Sam is a very thorough and  intelligent attorney. It’s so nice to know that he would do all of the work for me.  It can get very complicated, and he was so patient with me in answering questions. I can’t imagine trying to handle all of the details by myself.  It has been a pleasure working with Sam, and very stress-free.I have had the pleasure of working with Gayla on my husband’s settlement. Having known her through all of the years of LifeSpan education programs made it easier. She has a wonderful, calming personality and is so sweet and kind. She is very detail-oriented and kept me up to date every step of the way through a difficult time in my life during the settlement.  I felt very comfortable calling her to ask questions.
When you are young and healthy you don’t normally think about needing and estate plan.  I am so grateful that 15 years ago my husband saw the need for this.  It was wonderful to me. His unexpected illness and death made me the surviving spouse who needed help in settling his estate. Having been to Curt’s valuable educational programs over years, I knew what to expect, and the settlement went very smoothly. And now I am giving that gift to my children so that their inheritance will go smoothly for them.
Over the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Curt, Sam, Sarah, Gayla, and Sherry. You all are amazing at what you do at the Estate Planning Center. I feel very lucky to be your client.”
LifeSpan™ Client since 2001
Clark County, Illinois

“LifeSpan:  Arranging for what happens after you are gone isn’t the beginning of the end. It is the beginning of a thoughtful process to help ensure that what you have worked for all of your life will benefit others. Lifespan is a clear process that walks you through the difficult but necessary planning.”
LifeSpan™ Client since 2014
Shelby County, Illinois

“LifeSpan:  We found all to be very personable- pleasing in appearance and personality; great eye contact, listened carefully and intently, had “happy voices” and smiles, plus very good sense of humor, spoke in terms of clarity, would repeat anything we didn’t grasp with those happy voices and smiles, never made us feel inferior, and concerned that we were always comfortable. We were continually treated with respect and as good friends. We were welcomed promptly at every meeting and with all issues well studied and prepared in advanced for our visit.
All of the above is true, also, of the attorney who assisted us. Plus, we felt he was very knowledgeable in all areas of estate planning as well as in the area of the settlement after our loved one passed away. We had complete peace of mind that all would be done correctly and in a timely manner with courtesy and kindness. We appreciate the tenderness and sympathy shown to us for our loss.
When we began the process of our estate planning, we contacted the office in Salem, IL, due to the recommendation of a friend. We immediately knew we were in the right place at the right time!! That was several years ago. Recently my spouse passed away. I knew all we had to do was to call The Estate Planning Center and they would know exactly what needed to be done regarding our estate. We were never disappointed. They knew exactly what was needed and they helped us every step of the way; thus, relieving us of the stress and anxiety of making all the necessary changes to get legalities settled. We were kept abreast of progress being made and we were given clear concise instructions and guidance on issues that was our responsibility. We knew what peace of mind was all about as the whole process was worry free and actually pleasant knowing we were being taken care of as the way our loved one had planned and anticipated. What had been in place these past years, knowing this day would come, was working like a smooth oiled machine as was intended. We were treated above and beyond our greatest expectations as the entire staff was the best ever!!”
LifeSpan™ Client since 2008
Clark County, Illinois

“LifeSpan Settlement:  Very satisfied with everything. Relieved I had your guidance.  Very thorough and although it takes time to get set up, well worth the effort.  I was relieved that I was taken care of and all the settlement issues were handled by your staff. Great peace of mind to know I wasn’t forgetting something that legally had to be done.”
LifeSpan Client since 2010
Wayne County, Illinois

“LifeSpan is a very professional, critically important way, and most user friendly. It is conducted by a highly qualified and client-centered staff who are very compassionate and caring.”
LifeSpan Client since 2003
Christian County, Illinois

“LifeSpan Settlement:  Clear, detail monitoring of assets, hands on and directional.  Estate planning provided a clear understanding of what was to happen and how things should be handled.  Everyone was very helpful during the most difficult times.”
[Child of] LifeSpan Client since 2004
Clark County, Illinois

“LifeSpan:  I am amazed at the level of courtesy, concern, knowledge and follow up. I have no idea how you could possibly improve. You keep me alert! And attentive.  I could and would just put it all on the back shelf and forget everything I’m supposed to do!”
LifeSpan Client since 2015
St. Clair County, Illinois 

"LifeSpan gives one peace of mind that your final wishes will be taken care of.  We are kept informed by annual/personal updates to ensure that no wish goes un-fulfilled. "
LifeSpan client since 2007
Madison County, IL

“This service is very complete and helpful in all 3 stages of services. 
First:  the establishment of the trust;
Second: the continuing upkeep of the trust; 
Third:  the resolution on the death(s) which we anticipate to be as timely and complete and friendly as what we have received so far.” 
LifeSpan™ Client since 2013
Jefferson County, Illinois

“Oh my goodness, where do we start, the staff is so friendly yet down to business. They make you feel so comfortable about what we needed done and they even fix you warm cookies, now what other law office or attorney does that?”
LifeSpan™ Client since 2013
Clay County, Illinois

Every time I read an article like this one [Don’t Bequeath Surprises by Robert Powell], I know how lucky I was to hear about all of you and your estate planning process.  I know I found the right people to handle my estate planning. 
LifeSpan client since 2006
Macon County, Illinois

 LifeSpan has helped to preserve my [late] husband’s estate, so that I am able to live my lifetime without worrying about money.  My husband was always proud of the fact that he was able to provide for his family, so I was able to be a stay-at-home from when our boys were growing up.  Now, because of his estate planning, I can live comfortably and not worry about money and can be a stay-at-home Grandma for my grandchildren.

LifeSpan client since 1999
Vigo County, Indiana.

This has been a life changing experience!  All areas are addressed-assets, family values, faith, and personal “from beyond the grave” wisdom and knowledge.  Thank you so much for very professional, personal service.
LifeSpan client since March, 2012
Logan County, Illinois

The Estate Planning Center has provided me with a personal, detail-oriented, effective plan that I feel confident about in these times of such uncertainty.  Their organization, efficiency & personal touch in planning is unlike any I’ve seen before & sets the bar for service organizations.
LifeSpan™ client since 2010
Marion County, IL

My husband and I joined the LifeSpan™ Estate Planning Family in 1993. I particularly appreciate the leadership’s persistence in helping us keep our funding up-to-date. My greatest appreciation was the ease in which settlements were made at the death of my husband. It was almost trouble-free…saving time and money. My thanks.
Marion County, IL

They show genuine caring and ethical treatment of my estate. They realize my transfer of assets includes transfer of my wisdom. They genuinely care about my generation and the next generations. You will love their methods to help you pass on your own legacy.
LifeSpan™ client since 2004
Williamson County, IL

From the very first day I felt so comfortable with you and your staff- so much trust that I knew things would be just what I wanted when I’m gone.
LifeSpan™ client since 2011
Clay County, IL

The office staff is most helpful, efficient, knowledgeable, and pleasant in making the difficult task of the development of a living trust/estate planning manageable and secure.
LifeSpan™ client since 2011
White County, IL

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Curt W. Ferguson and the Estate Planning Center personnel met and exceeded my expectations while helping my wife and I to develop an estate plan for our family.
LifeSpan™ client since 2011
Effingham County, IL

Everyone we have communicated with has kept us updated and kept us informed to what was to be updated. Everyone at the office proved to be very professional and helpful.
Son and Trustee of LifeSpan™ clients since 2003
Peoria  County, IL

LifeSpan™ has made the Retirement Process much easier. Your firm is easy to work with and the educational programs are very helpful and keeps us up to date.
LifeSpan™ client since 2000
McLean County, IL

If offer me much greater peace of mind in my estate planning. The Estate Planning Center offers very important client educational services and involvement. I have learned that estate planning is not a one-time event that “just happens” through the efforts of an attorney. It is a continued process involving a counselor at law services, and the client that is being offered through the Estate Planning Center. Yes, I am grateful!
LifeSpan™ client since 2003
Christian County, IL

The efficiency with which you helped with the Estate at my wife’s death. It all went as you said it would.
LifeSpan™ client since 2004

Personally we have experienced our own Estate Plan with Curt and company and also the technical events. Paperwork, etc. with the carrying out of my dad’s plan after his death. We appreciate all the technical knowledge, but we also appreciate all the personal thoughts of “gratitude” and writing personal letter and sharing of ourselves with our heirs.
LifeSpan™ client since 2003
Macon County, IL

Appreciate the whole picture of passing inheritance on –more than just things-faith, thoughts, dreams, reasons of importance (even if small in money value) Shows we care about those we leave behind.
LifeSpan™ client since 2007
Christian County, IL

We really appreciate the individual attention and explanation.
LifeSpan™ client since 2011
Clinton County, IL

We are grateful to have you all to help us and we consider you all as our friends also.
LifeSpan™ client since 2003
Williamson County, IL

March, 2012
Not only do they [The Estate Planning Center] draft the legal docs-they help ensure your assets and wishes are taken care of/titled appropriately-which is a wonderful assurance your trust should work as planned.  
How are they [The Estate Planning Center] different from other attorneys?  Work together ongoing, not just document set up.
Bluford, Illinois



February, 2012
Your ongoing educational seminars continue to be most helpful and done at a level that we are able to understand. We like being involved, updated and included in the on-going estate planning process. It is important to us.
C. Banning (LifeSpan client since 2002)
Assumption, IL


Nov, 2011
“Using this process gives me peace of mind; i.e. knowing life will change for our family but they will not have as many questions or obstacles to overcome when our plan is implemented.”
D SuttonNewburgh, IN



Feb. 12, 2010 
Dear Curt, 
It was a year ago on Feb. 17, 2009 that we first attended one of your information sessions.  That was one of the best things we have done. We have been talking-discussing and putting off that we should do with our land and personal effect after our deaths for years.  We had tried one time to get a will/plan put in place and immediately realized that our wishes were not being heard.  So we paid the fellow and never went back.

We signed up for your program we immediately realize that we were going to be listened to and our wishes were going to be met. You had a step by step program we could easily understand. We however, had no idea how thorough your plan was going to be until you took us through step by step.  Our children were thrilled that there is a plan in place too. They are happy that they have been invited to be a part of it…

Again thank you so much…Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it!

We look forward to attending your follow-up sessions.

We feel good about what you have helped us accomplish.
J & MJ B

Spring 2009
LifeSpan™ estate planning is planning that is tailored to fit our needs. Our meetings with Curt (and the forms-our homework) really made us think about exactly what we wanted in an estate plan and then helped us achieve that goal. All of this was done with the personal touch of Curt and his staff.
F. Steele
Princeton, IL


Dear Curt and Staff of Estate Planning Ct.,
We were invited to Estate Planning meeting by Gary Goodwin [accountant with Farm Business Farm Management] and Ron Kirby Investment Planners Inc. and introduced to Curt Ferguson of Estate Planning Ct. Later we met at Ron Kirby’s office and discussed our estate. We felt comfortable with Curt and estate plan he offered. We then set up our Living Trust and Limited Partnership. After five years [in your maintenance and education program] we are satisfied with [our] unique plan and would recommend [your approach] very highly - [you] have a wonderful staff and are very helpful and explain to anyone who ask or who has any questions. We appreciate [your] concern for our family.
Princeville, IL

Dear Curt,
I am writing to let you know how much I and my entire family appreciate the work you have done for us on our estate planning. My mother and I truly enjoyed our meetings with you as we developed the plan together. Your ability to clearly and simply explain some complicated questions made the process much easier. Plain English is a wonderful thing!

I also appreciate the time you spent with our entire extended family, going over our plan and explaining its consequences to all of us. That helped get everyone on board with the plan; now they know what to expect. Many of us are now pursuing similar plans of our own.

Your help in organizing our ongoing farming businesses will enable the third generation to continue farming the family farm. Now that the organizing is done, we can focus on the farm itself.

Thanks so much, from our whole family.
Warren County, Illinois

February 10, 2007
During 1992 after the death of both my wife’s parents we decided we needed a revocable trust. At our first meeting with the attorney, which lasted about two hours, we discussed heirs, split of assets, and a few other subjects. Our next meeting was to pick up our trusts. Maybe this was appropriated with our asset amount and the trust attempts to cover all contingences. We were never contacted by that law firm again.

From then until 2006 we were fairly diligent in funding our trusts, but no other updates even though we had several changes in our lives. We had no built-in update method.

In 2006 we felt an urgency to update our trusts, but where, who, and how to do this. I saw an article in the “Prairie Farmer” written by Curt Ferguson. I read his web site and we decided to attend his “The Truth About Estate Planning Workshop”. This satisfied our question as to who was going to help us update our trusts.

This experience was completely different. We went step by step through each article of the trust addressing many questions. Most important were the distribution of some assets that had particular ramifications and protection of these assets, and disability and medical power of attorney. This took us over 4 hours. Totally we were face to face with Curt for 12 or 13 hours and spent over two hours in a telephone conference involving our financial advisor.

Curt and his organization are making sure our assets are titled correctly so they go where we desire. We like his method of helping us keep our trusts updated with changes in the law or our circumstances. Since trusts are fairly complicated we were concerned how our heirs were going to handle our trusts. Now Curt will help them, if desired.

All fees are upfront so there are no hidden surprises.

We now have a complete package. We were willing to travel 220 miles one way and Curt has worked to keep our travel to a minimum.
M. Davenport
Minooka, IL




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