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Client Orientation

We ask all prospective clients to spend some time in an educational workshop prior to meeting with us in an individual appointment so that they can be better prepared for a meaningful discussion of their goals and objectives. The following is a description of our Client Orientation Workshops, offered at least monthly (see "Introductory Workshops" for dates).

Want to do some advance study work so the workshops will be even more meaningful? Start by reading the following web pages:

The Truth About Estate Planning™ workshop

Everyone contemplating doing estate planning will benefit from the information we cover here. If you are interested in the truth about planning (for instance, did you know that living trusts have become an ENEMY of plans that work?) you'll enjoy this blunt, interactive and sometimes fun presentation.

You will learn the big picture issues of how an estate plan works, and what doesn't, and why. You'll learn lots of questions you should raise as you "shop" for an estate planning attorney. We debunk the smokescreens that most people get caught up in like "will or trust, which is better?" (usually neither one works!) or "avoid probate" (duh!)--issues that are distractions from what REALLY matters.

We explain how to keep your estate planning cost to an absolute minimum, and of course we cover basic estate tax planning for clients who need that. But we spend more time on the personal issues from which everyone can benefit.

If you care about your family and want your plan to accomplish your goals, call today to reserve your place at our next workshop.

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The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Each person should cautiously explore a relationship in person, such as at our Introductory Workshops, before engaging any attorney

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