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Family Education Program™


Our professional mission is to develop and deliver estate plans that work. To us, this means each client’s family will realize the full benefits of their planning. From a seamless transition in the event a client becomes disabled, to the smooth settlement of the estate and trust upon death, from security enjoyed by a surviving spouse, to a lifetime of asset protection benefits for the heirs, our clients expect a lot from their estate plans.
Many of the goals can only realistically be reached if the family engages in the process, learning while living, looking ahead instead of reacting when crises arise. Our Family Education Program™ will help everyone be ready to take full advantage of all our clients have done.
Empowering Your Inheritance This all-new program for Beneficiaries focuses on the practical benefits of asset protection, tax advantages, and enhanced long-term security. Most clients’ plans provide this protection, while allowing wide flexibility for each beneficiary. But the key to reaping all the benefits is knowing how to use the trust to your advantage over time. We’ll review the nuts & bolts of settling the trust/estate and the obvious benefits offered by the protective trusts, then share real life experiences and opportunities to make the most of what they receive. 
Call to register for one of these 2018 Programs:
June 23 at 9:00am, Salem
July 17 at 1:00pm, Bloomington, IL
Nov 6 at 6:00pm, Casey
Nov 8 at 6:00pm, Salem
Estate Planning Made Simple (aka Truth About Estate Planning workshop, updated annually) is an introduction to estate planning, offered monthly for both prospective clients—anyone thinking about starting their planning—and families of existing clients (who need to be introduced to the thinking that went into the parents’ plan). 
Offered every month at our office in Salem
The following video-recorded programs are available for you to watch 24/7!
My Spouse’s Estate Made Simple Our married clients and their family helpers need to see this. There is no way you can be fully prepared for the reality of losing your spouse. This program explains just what takes place, what the trustees have to do, what the Survivor can expect, and what the rest of the family can do to provide emotional and other support.  Most importantly, learn how the Survivor can maximize the benefits (tax, asset protection) designed into the plan. Married couples and their ‘support team’ (children who will be helping) should watch
Download the materials and watch the video of 2017 presentation by going to our Exclusive Client Resources
Disability Transitions Made Simple Having a legal plan in place is necessary, and our clients do. But Helpers must get ready for many, tough decisions! Mental and emotional preparation is vital if you need to ‘declare’ a spouse or parent disabled, then as you assume responsibility for the finances and health care, remaining sensitive to family relationships
Download the materials and watch the video of 2016 presentation by going to our Exclusive Client Resources
Proactive Preservation Planning Made Simple As our clients age, an increasing number have faced potential ‘nursing home impoverishment.’ Revocable living trusts do not protect the Trustmaker’s assets. Irrevocable trusts can, but no one wants to use such trusts unless it is really necessary…so most of our clients have not. However, as life goes on, you might decide to take that next step. Your beneficiaries will have a role to play and a lot to gain, so decisions like this should only follow family conversations and be made only with personalized legal counsel. This program will help you decide whether it is worth considering at all
Download the materials and watch the video of 2016 presentation by going to our Exclusive Client Resources
Receiving My Inheritance Made Simple (This is an earlier edition of the 2018 Empowering Your Inheritance program; we recommend you attend the new program live instead of watching this older video version.) Heirs learn how protective ‘school bus’ trusts are established at the parent’s death and protect the inheritance until it is spent. Assets must be handled correctly, bills paid, the IRS satisfied. Decisions must be made, and everyone treated fairly…so that happy family reunions will still occur! Successor Trustees who will be ‘in charge’ and Beneficiaries should watch this recorded program on our website.
Download the materials and watch the video of 2015 presentation by going to our Exclusive Client Resources


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