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Family Education Program™


Our professional mission is to help our clients’ estate plans work. To really work, the plan must accomplish all of the clients’ objectives. One universal client goal seems to be for a smooth settlement of the estate when the time comes

In 2010 we rolled out an all-new Made Simple Series™ of programs: five targeted areas in a series of shorter presentations. Some are offered each year. The current Made Simple Series™ includes the following:


Estate Planning Made Simple

What got my parents started? How does all of this look from their perspective? (And, maybe I should start on my planning!)

Offered Monthly!

Check website for Introductory Workshop dates.

Disability Transitions Made Simple

Focuses on how to get prepared for, and then handle smoothly, the disability of our client. "When it is all spelled out in black and white, why is everything so gray?" This program will help your family have the best possible experience if that challenge has to be faced.

The video recording can be viewed and materials downloaded by going to our exclusive Client Resources area!

My Spouse’s Estate Made Simple

What happens at the death of the first spouse in a married couple’s estate plan.

The video recording can be viewed and materials downloaded by going to our exclusive Client Resources area!

Receiving My Inheritance Made Simple

When the trust/estate is being divided up, after the clients have passed away, how does it look and work from the heirs’ point of view?

The video recording can be viewed and materials downloaded by going to our exclusive Client Resources area!

Receiving Wisdom Made Simple

So much of estate planning is concentrated on just the money and property. This program looks at the family values, stories, heritage and wisdom, coupled with personal possessions that carry meaning and history

(Most recent live program was November, 2015.  Watch for future programs to be scheduled.)

The Family Education Program™ is designed to help deliver the desired results. Specifically, as part of the “education” and “appropriate assistance” we provide workshops, videos and webinars to help our clients stay current in their understanding, and to bring the family members (and other ‘helpers’) into the process.

Over the years we have provided several different versions of our Family Education Program™ and clients may recall earlier series titled Nuts ‘n Bolts™ presentations. Some are available on DVD for checkout or purchase by client families. In 2010 we redesigned the program into the five “bite sized” portions called the Made Simple Series™ as outlined above.




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