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Leaving a Legacy



Curt Ferguson was quoted at length in the following article by Les O’dell, published in Illinois Country Living magazine.  The complete article is here: http://icl.coop/leaving-a-legacy/  Les writes:   

There are a couple of things more important in life than just about anything—even money. Faith, family, friends and forgiveness are just a few of life’s most important things. Another thing important to many Illinois families is the family farm. It’s where roots are put down literally and figuratively. It represents more than a business. It’s home. It’s memories. But without proper estate planning it could also fracture a family forever.
There’s an old saying that some topics just shouldn’t be discussed at the dinner table, namely the touchy subjects of religion and politics. There’s one other seemingly taboo topic, however, that needs to be addressed, especially by everyone involved in a family farming operation. While uncomfortable to bring up, what happens to the farm when mom and dad are gone is almost always a pressing issue. The subject is too often ignored until it is too late.
“The biggest difference in estate planning in agriculture is that the family really cares about what they are passing along and that is the family farm,” explains attorney Curt Ferguson of The Estate Planning Center in Salem. “Stock portfolios or IRAs are all just the same. They’re just dollars and can be liquidated, but a farm is sacred in and of itself. That’s something a family usually wants to hold together and that makes things difficult.”
[To read the complete article, follow this link to the icl on-line magazine: http://icl.coop/leaving-a-legacy/ ]


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